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the world through the eyes of a madman...

... but at least a nice madman ^_~

10.10.04 22:03

today was such a hard day >,< I had my first real fight with my girlfriend, but we solved it quite good, I was pretty surprised *-* everyone said she was quite "mean" when she´s angry, that she will ignore you... not in our case *-* she came right after me and wanted to solve the problem *-* so we did ^-^ later on, we went to the bookfair in Frankfurt. and guess what, my gf made the 1st place @ masquerade ^-^ *yay* ok, I was like air for her, but it´s ok... she met so many people there, so it was honestly ok ^^ later she was nice again ^^; *drop* and I´m getting sick again >,> feeling just down, just broken -,-° at least I´ll stay here for a little while so I will see my sweetheart again tomorrow ^-^ can´t wait ^^;

9.10.04 11:58

well, I´m in Usingen now, with my gf and the whole bunch, they´re practicing for their first real show @ animaco in Berlin. They have a group called visual kiss, so they have to practice ^-^; but it´s kinda stressfull, ´cause miru (my gf) doesn´t really have time for me *sigh* somehow I still feel lonely *drop* but that will change ^-^ I´m still kinda mad that she doesn´t like my haircut -,-°

8.10.04 16:15 - Well, now here I am ^-^;

well, I know so many people who have their own lj, and I was asked many times to get one too... so now here I am ^-^ I´m fine, currently with my gf ^-^ and I cut my hair recently ^^; so don´t be shocked *drop* well... I´ll inform you about anything new that might happen ^^;
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